be your own Record Label

#CEOMusician trains musicians how to put the “business” into their Music Business!

We teach you how to be the CEO of your valuable brand and how to build, grow and manage the team you will need to do this!

We offer three day all inclusive retreats and 1 day networking mixers/jam sessions in our luxury Palm Springs and Hollywood locations.

  • If you attend a retreat as a musician or music business professional, we pair you with successful CEOs from Business, Technology and Marketing.
  • CEO attendees will be paired with artists (who can help you market your brand and make your company cooler) and other successful CEOs from a wide variety of industries.
  • We provide Covid-19 testing on site for all participants and follow recommended CDC guidance at all of our events.
  • To request an application to attend one of our exclusive retreats or For more information – Click the “Click to apply” button above or email us at info@ceomusician.com